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creepin, poptartz, sekritz

i was just seekin the lord, and prayin uk.

DO NOT FRIEND THIS COMMUNITY. it's private. papa/billy are the only creepers allowed. kthnx.

p.s. ty for the layout rockstarculture

"one exclamation-point is fine", 2/22/08, aaron's party, americandream since iwas 43, bb-b being a graphic-genius, beepbeep have a goodtime, being a badass mc, being pretty ferosh, betraying denise, big fontz, billy ray's hurr, black sexi ladiez, breathin into phones, candy wrapped in sweaters, chatz, creepin under ur coverz, cyber seduction, dirty papa, down on dream street, dwahahaha-ing, f+, failin ur apps, frankie, get msn. how?, giving nick moonpies, hating denise jonas, hayimjake welcome2 my site, hehehehe!!!!!!1, hello diabeetus, hello ladies, hi ruth, i g2g c u, its vintage, jake thomas, jellybeans, lets pretend, magick, making textz, needing to get radical, nick has diabeetus, nom nom nom, not horses, otp, papa creeper, papalicious, pepperann is she cool/lame?, peters plan, prayin. u kno, ruth's saggy titz, say crack again. crack, secret chats, seeking the lord, shag rugs, she b like ohhhpapacccc, stoop kid, thosearethe ugliest effing iconz, virgin vaginas, watching lizzie mcguire