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15 March 2008 @ 12:45 am
Want to be a member of addmeifurhot? Just fill out the application and wait for a response. You may not know how to answer all of the questions, but try your best.

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ex_flairs11 on March 29th, 2008 04:51 am (UTC)
1.) What's your name? ur mom lolz
2.) Age? 23
3.) State? south afreekuh
4.) Aim or msn? both
5.) What are you wearing? omgz nothing
6.) U got pix for papa? i got sum of my titz. and/or with zebra striped penis. ugh sry that was my dog.
7.) Say crack again. omg she just came up to me and started talking about crack.
8.) If you got a chance to meet JT, what would you do? omg justin timberlake?!?!
9.) What does f__u mean to you? fuq u
10.) What is your opinion on Virgin Vaginas? (not the band) THEY NEED 2 GET RADICAL LIKE ME
11.) Do you like jellybeans or gummy bears? gummy wermz
12.) Do you believe in magick? i lick magick sticks
13.) Do you know what Zytotez means? if so you gtfo. zygotez omg biology????
14.) Will Denise ever find out? she is in the dungeons
15.) Do you know how to d/l msn? how?
16.) If you could do one thing to denise what would it be? a) love her b) cook her dinner c) betray her i will love her and then betray her and be like YEAAAA TRICKED YAAA
17.) Do you like sexi black ladies? who doesnt
18.) Are u papalicious, y/n. y
19.) What song describes Papa? my milkshake bringz all the boiz to my chattt
20.) Papa C has been creepin ur coverz since he was what? since he was born
21.) If you were ever rejected, would you slam your head on your sink until you bled? check out monicas site
22.) Do you need to get radical? already am
23.) Have you gotten your yearly radical? yes
24.) What did you do on Feburary 22, 2008? i was under my covers so my mom wouldnt hear
25.) Do you make textz? to kevin
26.) Want to go on a JNO or a PNO? lets go jnooo
27.) Do you miss me? Do you miss my smile? grl plz
28.) What cereal am I eating? i suq at guessing. but im gonna say cornpops LOLOLOL!!!!!!1
29.) What do you think of Billy Ray's hurr? omg those highlites :*
30.) Repeat after me: hi ruth sup ruth
31.) Lunchables pizza or nachos? nachoz
32.) Papa + Billy Ray's hurr = ? sex
33.) Give your own unique definition of the word mullet. sex
34.) Soooo....what is up? Whats the 411? What has everybody been up to? What's the hot gossip? Tell me everything. What have you guys been listening to? What are the cool jams? ugh u grls keep me young
35.) So if you're from Africa ... why are you white? omg i have a skin disease. new number 13 y/y
36.) Do you want your pink shirt back? yes omg.
37.) Omg I love those icons where did you get them? theyre vintage
38.) Make a macro that represents the community. omg later
39.) Upload a theme song for the comm. i want candy
40.) Why do you want to be a part of addmeifurhot? BECUZ I WANT TO BE U GUISE OMG
ex_flairs11 on March 29th, 2008 05:00 am (UTC)

k here's my macro.
DO I WIN?!?!?!?!?!?